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1 Definition

XRX is a new web development architecture. It stands for:

“XRX or XForms/REST/XQuery is a simple and elegant web application architecture using a declarative style of programming. XRX allows the developer to create rich-client web applications that perform complex functions without the need for middle-tire objects, relational databases or client-side JavaScript. (Web Development with XRX)”.

“XRX gives developers the luxury of using the same data selection language (XPath) on both the client and server. The same expressions can be used in your MVC bind on the client and in Schematron data validation rules on the server. This however, is not the motivation for migrating to XRX. Declarative techniques that use XML structures tend to accelerate the creation of domain-specific languages (DSLs). DSLs are easier to manage with forms and graphical user interfaces which makes them more useable by SME’s and BA’s. XRX is the front runner in the declarative revolution and the forces empowering non-programmers. (XRX: Simple, Elegant, Disruptive]”

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