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Hi Marielle. Cool to see you contribute! thanx :)

Btw regarding ActionScript, Flex etc. don't hesitate to get rid of junk I wrote. I know next to nothing about these. Even "simple" Flash I only use/teach since last August. Just started the AS/Flex entries with the idea to do something in the future (but don't have time now).

I'll have a deeper look at your websites as soon as find some time. Didn't know them. Nice to see that you have lots of reusable components of all sorts !

- Daniel K. Schneider 22:43, 27 October 2007 (MEST)

1 nice meeting you ;)

Dear Daniel,

I don't want to kill your hopes but I am afraid, my experience is possibly much more limited than yours. I have some programming experience but I had never programmed in Flash or any version of actionscript until 2 months ago. I started with Flex 2-3 months ago. I simply do the same you do and take the very non academic approach to share before being anywhere from mastering the subject ;-).

To be honest, I was thinking about borrowing your excellent content on flash interactive object and get them to work in Flex and take advantage of the CC-SA license to write adapted tutorials on my own wiki... then I decided to go the other way around and contribute here. I have technical skills and time to code. You have tons of experience. Looking at our respective wikis, there is obviously an important overlap of interest. If you are interested in co-operating on this and don't mind having somebody re-edit your page, same for me. If at any point you are uncomfortable or you consider some content not that suitable, let me know.

On "Didn't know [your websites]". Well, added a link to one of them on this page, last February. That's how I got to find out about the edutech wiki. I had known about your work for about 5 years, though, as I had a chance to read some papers on constructivism and project-based learning. Nice stuff.

Au fait, je parle français.

2 AS3 example Button -- R U Bn 19:42, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

I have a proposal for this pag you created. See: Talk:AS3_example_Button