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About widged

widged is the nickname often used online by Marielle Lange.

Trained as a cognitive psychologist (M.Phil Cambridge, UK; PhD Brussels, Belgium), Marielle Lange always had a passion for e-learning. Thinking that a PhD was not challenging enough, she set to design a Web-Museum for Perception and Cognition during her PhD years. She is originally from Brussels (Belgium, french speaking) but has had the chance to spend a lot of time in English speaking countries (UK, Australia, Scotland, and soon New Zealand).

After 10 years as an academic, she turned freelance e-learning developer two years ago. Since then, she has been involved in various projects that have in common the design of software that let students and teachers create quality interactive content.

She is also the administrator of the Exercist project, on eduforge, which is about open source activities in Flex.

In fact, the idea is not only to propose interactive activities but a framework to create, manage, and re-use a large range of interactive activities, as explained on the Widged wiki. But to get there requires good mastery of Flex/Actionscript 3 and she only started learning these in August/September 2007.

True wiki style, she decided to contribute to this wiki without having any connection with the edutech team other than having been inspired by their work and having much liking for their philosophy and initiatives.

She maintains two domains, and She also offers free hosting to iberry, a porthole to Open Courseware Directory and Higher Education Resources maintained by Dr Boss (Gordon Lockart).

She also happily hops in and out academic environments. At the time she wrote this tutorial, she was visiting fellow at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK).

Main areas of contribution