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Things do do over the next 2 years


E-learning competency

As opposed to training various individual e-learning literacy skills, I would like to develop a model for teaching and learning e-learning intelligence

  • Project in planning with UniGE Adult and Distance Learning Center

Digital design and fabrication


For teachers

Develop a model that links digital design and fabrication with teacher development, i.e. creating tools with 3D printers, laser cutters, etc my have a positive impact on teaching quality.

For learners

Expand field experiments that introduce digital design and fabrication in regular curricula (all age groups)

  • Project in planning with SEM
  • Project in planning with SDG solution space, e.g. via student projects

Informal learning / Societal

Impact of FabLabs and Makespaces on informal education of adults

  • PHD Thesis Jacques-Etienne Boog: Approche "fab lab" pour apprendre

Followup of learning activities

Create learner-centered followup environments

  • Project in planning with UniDistance
  • PHD thesis Valéri Follonier

Inquiry learning

Collaboration on IBL continued with François Lombard

Learning environments in higher education

Focused on educational use of EduTechWiki (or other MediaWikis), mainly through student projects

  • Development of scaffolding tools
  • Development of learning process analytics tools
  • Co-production of teaching materials with students

Social science and instructional methodology

  • (With Barbara Classe) DBR and social studies on introductory social science methods teaching and learning
  • PHD thesis of Philippe Ruffieux about the change in teaching posture: A study of the adoption of a technopedagogical device for mutual validation of skills in the classroom.
  • PHD thesis of Joanna Lim on gamification representations and practice by instructional designers

Informal learning

  • Collboration with science science initiatives (in particular the SDG solution space of UniGE)
  • PHD Thesis of Valérie Jean Baptiste on informal learning of mobile repair persons in Haiti.

Also related to Digital design and fabrication


  • Finalise several wiki books (well explored topics, in particular in the french version)
  • Revise pages about instructional design and general pedagoy
  • Update introductions to e-learning standards