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I'm not sure I agree that a community of learning is in between. I see all communities (practice, knowledge-building, task-based, interest, etc.) to be communities where learning takes place. More in line with Wenger's 'social learning systems' or Riel and Polin's all encompassing view that they all play a role in the make up of a larger learning community or learning organization, but I haven't read the actual article (chapter of a book), just the intro available online, so please correct me if I am wrong. Certainly tecfaseed encompasses all of these types of communities, under the umbrella of 'learning'. See Community of learning

you are right I think (I just quickly started this "virtual community" entry since it was a wanted page). A true community of learning is a special case of a community of practice. Maybe we should just mention that a virtual learning environment created for a class does not automatically turn this class into a real community. So we'd have:

  • True communities of learning
  • Loose communities of learning (any given class) and that may or may not use a computer-mediated learning environment

What do you think ? DSchneider 10:57, 27 June 2006 (MEST)