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1 upgrade

MW 31

TEST Emacs editor

Test migration do new server. Editing works again maybe ?

Visual editor seems to work ... miracle ! .... and again for version 1.27 !!

Test again after installing the stl extensions


N Views:



1.1 Video


3 Math






4 Visual editor

Works again under 1,27 and the interface is a bit improved it seems.

Admire the normals
This is just for testing

It's alive in March 2017. After a minor upgrade ... ...... hi hi

TEst https

5 test lien



test if it is here

7 Transclusion

Elisabeth Murphy

Elizabeth is a professor of educational technology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. As part of one of her courses, she requires students to contribute to the EduTech Wiki. That requirement reflects her adherence to the principle that students learn through actively creating authentic artifacts and by constructing and sharing knowledge. The instructor's role in this context is to act as a mentor and guide in the creation process.

8 collaboration diagram

<collaborationdia page="Cognitive apprenticeship;Writing-to-learn"/>

9 Bliki testing



10 New testing

Just type something

External link: tecfa

Small file caching test.

French accents: é à è ö ü

Testing as test

testing as test author

test this empty

test this with 1

test this with text

test this with 1 and cite

test this with text and cite

11 Testing Sandbox

My Testing Sandbox is not here anymore :)

  • Test
  • Test jEdit
heading heading
cell cell
cell cell

Again ....again

12 Variables

Revision user = Daniel K. Schneider (does not yet work, planned for summer 2009)

heading heading
cell cell
cell cell

13 Collection extension

2) Exclude certain specific content

By using Template:Hide in print, certain specific content, such as a few words or an image, can be excluded from printing.

This content will be printed. This content will not be printed. This content will be printed again.

3) Include certain specific content only in print versions

The Template:Only in print can be used to insert content that shall only be visible in offline versions.


  • Hidden in browser -> <-
  • This is visible again in the browser and in print as well.

13.1 SMW