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i.e. issues related to systems that allow fair ratings of something, e.g. items in learning object repository.


Services and systems
  • TrustPlus allows to view the reputation of others and build your own reputation anywhere on the Web. E.g. “The "TrustPlus Reputation Viewer," a browser add-on, allows users to view anyone's reputation information on-the-fly and across multiple sites. TrustPlus supports some of the Internet's most trafficked destinations, including craigslist, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, eBay, Friendster, Backpage, Amazon and GumTree.” (about, retr. jan 2010).
  • WikiTrust is an open-source, on-line reputation system for Wikipedia authors and content. WikiTrust is hosted by the Institute for Scalable Scientific Data Management at the School of Engineering of the University of California, Santa Cruz. To use it for Wikipedias, installation of a Firefox plugin is needed. To use it with your own Mediawiki, you need to install an extension. In addition, this web site also includes papers and tutorials about the algorithms used to compute various "wiki statistics and metrics".
Articles and web pages
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  • Shannon Appelcline (2006). Collective Choice: More Thoughts About Ratings, Blog entry, HTML
  • Jennifer Golbeck, James Hendler (2004). Accuracy of Metrics for Inferring Trust and Reputation in Semantic Web-based Social Networks, PDF
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