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Can the correlation between Biomarkers(Lichens) and air composition produce a reliable map of air quality? Is pyBossa a good platform for crowdcrafting ?  +
Star clusters vary greatly in terms of mass  +, a team of eight astronomers searched through each image  +, age  +,
Calls that bats use for socialising are not used for echolocation but communication  +, and these calls tend to be lower in frequency and have a more complex structure. Only under a third of all the echolocation calls of bats worldwide are known and even less is understood about social calls. Perhaps only 5% of all species social calls have been recorded.  +
We make our data freely available to all in several formats on the View Results page. The data is currently being used by scientists and educators in the Project BudBurst network. The bigger question is what can YOU do with the data? We would like to know what data you think would be useful and how you would like to use it. Share your ideas at Project BudBurst data is freely available for anyone to download and use. The data is provided by thousands of observers from across the country. If you use data submitted by Project BudBurst observers for analysis  +, or presentations  +, reports  +,
There are no specific research questions for the CS4CS project. See the [ Citizen CyberLab] site for various posts that describe research conducted in this project.  +
Learning  +, creativity and user experience in citizen science  +
There are two sets of questions: * Some are related to the quality of results * Others are related to good game design. Ahn and Dabash (2006) formulate a set of design rules for designing games with a purpose (GWAPs)  +
"Einstein suggested that we live in a universe full of gravitational waves. He proposed that exploding stars  +, a pulsar that is not perfectly round acts as a gravitational-wave generator  +, colliding black holes and other violent events create waves that alter space and time. We have not detected these waves yet because it requires tools sensitive enough to measure very small effects. It’s like trying to detect a change in the distance from the earth to the sun equal to the width of an atom." (Einstein@Home All Sky Search [ link]) According to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity  +,
EteRNA project leaders hope that determining these basic principles that may facilitate the design of RNA-based nanomachines and switches.  +
Quote: We want your help to find out whether this pattern can still be found  +, because there has been a big decrease in the numbers of song thrushes in England over the last 30 years. If there are fewer song thrushes about  +, you would expect the different snails to be less faithful to their particular habitats than they used to be. Help us find out!  +
There are both "global" and "local" questions  +, analyse data and use them. * How to work in difficult technical conditions (weak GPS signal  +, etc.)  +,
"As described above  +, knowing the structure of a protein is key to understanding how it works and to targeting it with drugs. A small protein can consist of 100 amino acids  +, while some human proteins can be huge (1000 amino acids). The number of different ways even a small protein can fold is astronomical because there are so many degrees of freedom." [ from official project website]  +
Some research questions * Theorists believe that spiral galaxies can merge and become ellipticals and vice versa if they receive more gas or stars. * Professor Michael Longo of the University of Michigan finds that there is a clear pattern of preferred spiral galaxy spins (or handedness) [ see article on]. If the rotation of spiral galaxies is not random  +, it would force a major rethink of cosmology (potentially Nobel Prize implications). [ see forum discussion]  +
To assess whether or not such a set of tools and methodology can be used in disaster response  +, and how can the expertise for determining such details be shared? 3. How can the crowd be applied to rapidly generate this information in formats compatible with different disaster response information systems? 4. How can the software help the volunteers learn the process  +, and if so  +,
There is no research purpose associated as far as we can tell.  +
NASA's Kepler spacecraft is one of the most powerful tools in the hunt for extrasolar planets. The Kepler team's computers are sifting through the data  +, a bet if you will  +, but we at Planet Hunters are betting that there will be planets which can only be found via the remarkable human ability for pattern recognition. This is a gamble  +,
Understanding how plankton types are distributed at a variety of ocean depths.  +
The STEREO Mission itself has several big questions that it’s trying to answer. We know that the Sun kicks out these vast solar storms. Each one of these storms is a billion tons of material traveling at a million miles an hour  +, and we need as many numbers as we possibly can.  +, but what does it do for the next 200 times? Is it the same? Does it change? Does it get progressively more active as the sun gets active? Do they get progressively weaker? Do they get faster? Do they get slower? Do they go off in a particular direction? All these questions need you to have lots of numbers  +,
Einstein's theory of gravity  +, Fritz Zwicky realized that massive galaxies (which can contain anywhere from ten million to a hundred trillion stars) or clusters of galaxies could be used to magnify distant galaxies that conventional telescopes couldn’t detect. As you can see  +, General Relativity  +,