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Query forms (testing)

These should be moved to the page at some point. There are three forms:

A parser function link:

A wiki link:

Forms embedded in a page are currently buggy, i.e. mess up titles and other stuff ....

 {{Special:RunQuery/Citizen science project query}}

Test semantic drill down

Read: Semantic Drilldown and SD home page

Syntax for the link:

{{#drilldownlink:category=|subcategory=|single|link text=|tooltip=|filters=}}
{{#drilldownlink:category=Citizen_science_project|link text=Drill down projects|input type=button}}

Drill down projects

test graph

Allows to check relational consistency and completeness between projects, software and infrastructure (sounds good, doesn't it ?....)

The SRF Graph printer requires the GraphViz extension to be installed.