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A personal research and teaching environment (PRTE) is an environment for research and teaching that is under the control of a researcher/teacher, e.g. a university lecturer.

The PRTR is the equivalent of the personal learning environment (PLE), but PRTEs also can implement participatory learning environments, i.e. let students participate in knowledge construction. A PRTE is not just a scholar's personal information management tool or electronic portfolio, but a place to share "stuff" with a community at large and to which it can contribute. In other words we coined this term to describe web-based multi-purpose work environments that are under the control of an individual researcher/teacher.


Like Personal learning environments, PRTEs can be implemented with a variety of tools, e.g.


  • How to integrated these with institutional websites, e.g. LMSs or campus stystem
  • How to work with colleagues that have their own.
  • How to articulate teaching with personal learning environments
  • How to integrate with various services (including the above, if there are service APIs)


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