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1 Definition

This is a page with external links for PHP.

Warning: Most of these links are old - Have to update - Daniel K. Schneider 16:36, 13 September 2007 (MEST)

2 Documentation

2.1 Manuals

2.2 FAQ's

2.3 Introductory tutorials in English

(there are many more, see the major php and webmaster's sites.)

  • An Introduction to PHP by L. Atkinson and Z. Suraski, webreference sept. 2003. Good history / propaganda text.

2.4 Overviews

2.5 Tutorial series

2.6 Tutoriels en français

2.7 Printed Books

There are many and I can't keep track.

  • Lea Chris , Choi Wankyu , Allan Kent, Ganesh Prasad, Chris Ullman (2000), Beginning PHP4, Wrox Press Inc; ISBN 186100373

2.8 Installation

Needs some more

2.9 Special Topics

3 Software

To install a apache/php/mysql configuration: see LAMP (linux) or WAMP (windows/mac).


3.1 Development and application frameworks

(this should be expanded)

3.2 Examples

3.3 Libraries and other tools

4 General Links

4.1 English

For more see the INDEX at

4.2 Français

(pas vraiment testés)

4.3 German