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  • MiniQuests vs. WebQuests: MiniQuests can be constructed in a few hours and can be completed in one to two 1-hour lessons. Therefore they can be quite easily be integrated in larger scenarios or "traditional" curricular sequences.

The Instructional design model

According to Internet Innovations:

  1. The Scenario: Defined as a "use case" scenario, the learners are told to solve a problem formulated as a question. They have to play a given role.
  2. The Task: Defined a set of precises questions designed to acquire factual information needed to asnwer the question.
  3. The Product: Defined as a guideline on how the answer must look. It contains a synthesis of information including reflection to insure that the answer is constructed. If possible the answer should be an authentic product. E.g. a directive if students have been asked to play "manager".


Please consult the WebSite for detailed discussion of this design model