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Machine knitting refers to the use of knitting machines, nowadays mostly digital ones.

According to k2g2 - the definitive guide for krafty knerds and geek girls. wiki, industrial “Knitting machines have an array of needles, each holding an individual knitting stitch. When a carriage passes over a needle it creates a new stitch. (This process being about 100 times faster than hand knitting.) In tubular knitting machines, carriages move on a circular rail, while in flat knitting, carriages move back and forth, changing directions after each row. Although having to go back and forth is a backdraw, since it deceases knitting speed, and exceeds more stress on the machine, flat bed knitting machines have become extremely popular, in applications where flexibility in shaping is required.”

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Home user digital knitting machines

  • Brother KH series were domestic knitting machines. Although production has stopped in 2000, there are still machines around and some models are available as clones The 900 series machines were digital, e.g. its best KH 970 model produced from 1995-1999
  • Silver Reed SK840 Knitting Machine seems to be the most popular model as of 2019.