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1 Definition

Also referred to as Reciprocal teaching. Building on principles of anchored instruction, project-oriented learning, peer-to-peer learning and other constructivist approaches to learning, learning by teaching learning scenarios use

The benefits of tutoring for the tutor as well as studies in reciprocal teaching, peer-assisted learning, collaborative learning all point to teaching as a means to improve learning. Supported by Biswas et al. found that students were motivated by the responsibility of teaching to make sure they had a deeper understanding and conceptual organization of the subject than they would require of themselves as students. (Biswas et al. in Biswas et al)

2 Learning environments using learning-by-teaching

Using teachable agents in learning-by-teaching scenarios.

Designing systems that are based on a learning-by-teaching model involves designing pedagogical agents that mimic the student-teacher interaction.(Biswas et al.)