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See also: Learning management system and object repository


  • A learning content management system allows users to create and manage learning contents.

A learning content management system is an environment where developers can create, store, reuse, manage and deliver learning content from a central object repository, usually a database. LCMS generally work with content that is based on a learning object model. These systems usually have good search capabilities, allowing developers to find quickly the text or media needed to build training content. Learning Content Management Systems often strive to achieve a separation of content, which is often tagged in XML, from presentation. This allows many LCMS to publish to a wide range of formats, platforms, or devices such as print, Web, and even Wireless Information Devices (WID) such as Palm and windows CE handhelds, all from the same source material.

An LCMS is a multi-user environment where learning developers can create, store, reuse, manage, and deliver digital learning content from a central object repository.

Learning content management systems create, manage, maintain, deliver, and track Web-based content. They provide functionality such as content migration and management, learning object repositories, content re-use and individualized learning via learning objects, asynchronous collaborative learning, testing and certification, and interconnectivity with virtual classroom and learning management system applications. LCMSs are ultimately designed to support the rapid capture, delivery, and management of knowledge in a Web-based fashion (from Managing Knowledge with Learning Objects: The Role of an e-learning Content Management System in Speeding Time to Performance, WBT Systems).


The difference between Learning management system (LMS) and LCMS is not obvious, since most LMS do offer facilities to manage and to create course contents. A real LCMS may offer better facilities to manage Learning objects below course-level through a central repository.


Pointers to various free/open source L(C)MS systems can be found in the article on Learning management systems.