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1 How Begin

Editing Mediawiki pages

2 Images

  • Before using an image you must upload it: Upload an image (please document it !)
  • Example for image insertion (original size + frame + caption)

[[image:input-process-output-paradigm.png|frame|none|Input-process-output paradigm]]

Finding images already uploaded to this wiki:

3 Wikilogs

4 Import/export

4.1 Mediawiki editing

If you are unhappy with the built-in editing facilities, there exist several options:

  • WikiEd is a "what you see is what you mean" editor andcan replace the default simple editor. It allows pasting formatted text, e.g. from MS-Word (including tables). Currently it works only for Mozilla browsers like Firefox and SeaMonkey.
  • Mediawikis can interface to various programming editors. See the Mediawiki entry on external editors. This option requires installation work on the client side, i.e. you will have to install extensions in your editor. Daniel K. Schneider uses emacs on Linux, an option not recommended for people not familiar with this tool, and sometimes JEdit on Windows.

4.2 HTML import

4.3 Word import

4.4 Export

5 Pointers to MediaWiki documentation

If you want to got further, some stuff may not apply to this wiki. This wiki has a very different editing policy than wikipedia. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how they "do it".

5.1 Style

5.2 Help Contents - tables

5.3 Images

5.4 Transclusion, templates, etc.

6 Extensions

Many wikis use extensions that extend the syntax of this wiki.

6.1 Computer source code syntax

Instead of using the "pre" tag or indenting lines to the right you also could use the "source" tag.

Example 1:

<source lang="html4strict" line start=1 >
 <p align="center">para text</p>

Will show as

1  <h1>Title</h1>
2  <p align="center">para text</p>

You may use the following parameters:

  • lang: Defines the language (e.g. actionscript, javascript, xml, php)
  • line: Enables line numbers
  • start: Number of start line
  • enclose: takes values "none", "div", "pre"
  • strict: true or false.

7 To try out things