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Purpose of this page

  • Discuss issues related to English expressions
  • Please put every new entry under its own title or subtile (if this grows we can reorganize)

pedagogic vs. pedagogical

From :

There is sometimes a difference with such adjective pairs, as economic 'connected with trade, industry, and the management of money' and economical 'using money, time, goods etc carefully and without wasting any' (The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, LDCE). However, as seen in (1) to (4) pedagogic and pedagogical may occur in identical collocations ...

American vs. British Spelling

By default, we rather use American spelling since tools support is usually a bit better, but you decide. If there is a decision problem regarding article titles, you may create one version then do a redirect from the other, e.g. Educational modeling language vs. Educational modelling language