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1 Overview

This is part of the flash tutorials.

Learning goals
Learn some more action script
Learn about time-based animation
Flash CS3 desktop tutorial
Flash drawing tutorial
Flash button tutorial
Flash components tutorial
ActionScript 3 interactive objects tutorial (important !)
Other recommended prior tutorials (not necessary, but can help)
Flash video component tutorial
Flash sound tutorial
Flash drag and drop tutorial
ActionScript 3 event handling tutorial
Flash ActionScript 3 overview
Moving on
Flash games tutorial
The Flash article has a list of other tutorials.
not done yet, therefore very low
It aims at Flash design beginners, not beginning ActionScript 3 programmers, although programmers can read this to get a quick overview before digging into a real documentation like Adobe's Flash 9 reference manual
Learning materials

Grab the various *.fla files from here:


2 Example

So far, there is only an example of a very simple shooting game ...


3 Links

3.1 Technical

3.2 Other games tutorials

3.3 Sites with Flash games

(not source code, just to play)