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1 EduTechWiki offline

In collaboration with Kiwix, an offline version of EduTechWiki is being prepared. You can already use this feature, but be aware that there are still some things to fix, e.g. the category navigation doesn't work yet and the page titles are not displayed on the mobile client.

- Daniel K. Schneider April 7, 2020.

2 Download

2.1 Downloading Kiwix Players

To read EduTechWiki offline you must first install a reader Kiwix, available for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Android and iOS. Kiwix works well on a smartphone.

Installation of the Windows client.

  • Install the Kiwix player first. It comes in a *.zip format that you can unzip anywhere, including a USB key.
  • Launch the application by clicking on kiwix-desktop.exe
  • Open the ZIM file in Kiwix (CTRL-O)

It is advisable to create a "shortcut" of kiwix-desktop.exe on the desktop.


For Linux it's pretty much the same


There is a *.dmg file

Android and iOS

For Android and iOS we advise to go through their stores. Install Kiwix from Google Play or Kiwix from the Apple Store.

2.2 Downloading contents

You can download both EduTechwiki (en and fr) from the application.

In PC and Mac clients, click on the library icon in the upper left corner. Using the search, type edutech to find.

Find EduTechWiki in the online library and download

The content is updated approximately once a month.

2.3 Manual download of content

It is possible to distribute content to people who do not have access to the Internet. Each wiki is distributed with a *.ZIM file that you can then read in your Kiwix player. So opt for this solution if you want to distribute Kiwix + content on USB keys.

Manual download of a ZIM file (Windows/Mac/Linux)

In BitTorrent (faster):

You can of course download other ZIM files (Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Gutenberg, etc.).

You can then open the zim files in the Kiwix application (CTRL-O or use the menu on the top right).

3 ZIM entry pages

The pages and serve as the entry page for the digital books.

So, Edutechwiki contributors: If a topic seems important to you, it should be included here. EduTechWiki French strenght are either textbooks (JavaScript, Method, CAD/CAM, etc.) or student productions like (Bases, game sheets).

4 Bugs

(mid-March 2019)

Category links do not work at the moment (under development at Kiwix). So use the links in the article or the search function.

5 Technology

“Kiwix is a free software allowing to consult offline web content. In particular, it makes Wikipedia and Vikidia content, including small illustrations, permanently accessible to people or institutions without Internet access, either permanently or temporarily”. ( Wikipedia )

Our article Mediawiki offline content points to some additional resources.

In exchange for a little funding for a feature that displays categories we are now included in the monthly distribution of Kiwix.