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Digital Adoption platforms (DAP) allow users to interact more easily with an online platform. Also known as "interactive walkthrough software", performance support platform, etc. DAP is not training software in a narrow sense, since it directly helps the user a task getting done. The rationale for using a support platform that helps getting a task done is that users quickly forget what they "learned" in a typical training course.

Below definitions found on vendor web sites:

According to WalkMe (retr. Jan/2019), Digital Adoption is “achieving a state in which digital tools are being used as intended, and to their fullest extent.” Digital adoption concerns both internal (e.g. administration or teachers) and external (e.g. customers or students) users of an organization.”

“A digital adoption platform (DAP) is a software layer integrated on top of another software application or website to guide users through tasks and functions. Digital adoption platforms aim to help new users quickly learn how to interact with a website or application or assist returning users in learning newly added functionality. This improves onboarding for new users and drives the adoption of new features that may otherwise go ignored.” (Best Digital Adoption Platform Software, retrieved Jan 16, 2019.

“Digital adoption platforms automate the product adoption lifecycle of a software application user. The user could be an employee using a third-party product within an organization or the end user of the application the organization is selling. In either case, digital adoption is a pathway to product success whereby the user is able to obtain full value out of the application in a very short period of time and is able to continue gaining value at a constantly maintained productivity level. And, Digital Adoption Platforms enable organizations to effectively do this.” (Why Digital Adoption Platforms Will be Absolutely Essential in 2018 retrieved Jan 16, 2019.)

List of products

(certainly not complete)

  • WalkMe
  • Pendo
  • WhatFix
  • Appcues
  • UserIQ
  • Inline Manual
  • MyGuide
  • Userlane
  • Toonimo
  • Applearn