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ABC LD is a learning design toolkit based on cards.

“The ABC curriculum design method (Perovic and Young, 2015) built on the Viewpoints principles and was developed in 2014 as a ninety-minute hands-on rapid-development workshop for UCL module and programme teams. The name itself has significance as it references Arena, UCL’s popular faculty development programme, blended learning and the Connected Curriculum, mentioned above as UCL’s major strategic educational initiative. The Connected Curriculum itself is represented with six dimensions of learning though research and enquiry and is usually articulated as a series of student activities that “close the divide between teaching and research” (Arthur, 2014) and “integrate research into every stage of an undergraduate degree, moving from research-led to research-based teaching”. To align with the Connected Curriculum and its foundation of activity-based learning a new card-set was developed based on Diana Laurillard’s (2012) notion of six ‘learning types’, derived from her theory-based Conversational Framework. The six learning types are acquisition (or read/watch/listen), inquiry, practice, production, discussion and collaboration, and these types form the ABC six-card set.” (Introduction to the ABC LD workshop by Clive Young and Nataša Perović, UCL Digital Education, retrieved feb 2019)

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Screenshot of the PDF file that includes the printable cards

Toolkit resources

The toolkit is open source (CC BY-CC-SA).


  • ABC LD workshop (Slides that describe the procedure and all the main elements)

Materials to print:

Online application based on Laurillard's conversational framework and the ABC LD toolkit




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  • Young, C., & Perović, N. Introduction to the ABC LD workshop. PDF