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A variation of the 5e Learning cycle was developed (and copyrighted) in the 90's by the MG Taylor Corporation. It takes a constructivist approach to learning, cradling expectations, examples and explanations within experience and exploration

The 5e's are:

  • experience
  • expect
  • explore
  • exemplify
  • explain

From MG Taylor's website:

As already noted, the model implies that explanations and examples form the foundation of education, but this doesn't mean that they necessarily come first in the process of education. Perhaps exploration and some experience come first--then out of the experience the learner can extract explanations and develop a systematic approach to hunt for further examples to confirm, deny, or expand their conclusions. The clear explanation, in a way, is the LAST step in the process. Only a master of a concept can explain it. Only a master has the experience and exploration behind her to do so.
The E's in this model correspond to the elements that make up the 5e Learning cycle but their order is different. Placing the explanation at the end bases this model more on experiential learning than the 5e Learning cycle or the 7e Learning cycle
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