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1 Introduction

This is an overview / menu page for things related to vocational training, also with the idea to support some activities in the DUAL-T project

2 Types of vocational training

The following is a list of "natural types" that may not be complete

2.1 Initial lower vocational training

2.2 Initial lower apprenticeship training

Switzerland has an interesting "apprentice" system. This initial vocational education concerns about 80% of the 16-20 olds and mostly is delivered through "dual mode", i.e. an apprenticeship in a business complemented by an average of 1-2 days of schooling / week in a vocational college. Germany and Danemark have a similar system.

2.3 Initial higher vocational training

2.4 Continous training

2.5 Workplace learning

2.6 Knowledge management & learning

3 Particular issues related to vocational training

(Just an index of some stuff within this wiki)

Community/Collective intelligence
Empowerment and development
Organisational issues
Cognitive / HCI

4 Links

4.1 Organizations

  • CEDEFOP, European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.
  • OPET - Swiss federal office for Professional Education and Technology
  • VoCeD. Australian portal for for tertiary education, especially as it relates to workforce needs, skills development, and social inclusion.