Self-directed learning/Self-Directed Learning Instrument (SDLI)

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1 Introduction

The Self-Directed Learning Instrument (SDLI) was developed by Cheng (2010) to measure the self-directed learning (SDL) abilities of nursing students. In our opinion it also could be used in other domains, e.g. computing students.

2 The scale

Based on Shen (2014).

Learning motivation (LM)

1. I know what I need to learn.
2. Regardless of the results or effectiveness of my learning, I still like learning.
3. I strongly hope to constantly improve and excel in my learning.
4. My successes and failures inspire me to continue learning.
5. I enjoy finding answers to questions
6. I will not give up learning because I face some difficulties.

Planning and implementing (PI)

7. I can pro-actively establish my learning goals.
8. I know what learning strategies are appropriate for me in reaching my learning goals.
9. I set the priorities of my learning.
10. Whether in the clinical practicum, classroom or on my own, I am able to follow my own plan of learning.
11. I am good at arranging and controlling my learning time.
12. I know how to find resources for my learning.

Self-monitoring (SM)

13. I can connect new knowledge with my own personal experiences.
14. I understand the strengths and weakness of my learning.
15. I can monitor my learning progress.
16. I can evaluate on my own my learning outcomes.

Interpersonal communication (IC)

17. My interaction with others helps me plan for further learning.
18. I would like to learn the language and culture of those whom I frequently interact with.
19. I am able to express messages effectively in oral presentations.
20. I am able to communicate messages effectively in writing

3 Bibliography

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