Scalable Architecture for Interactive Learning

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1 Definition

Scalable Architecture for Interactive Learning (SAIL) is an umbrella framework for software, data schemas and web services that facilitate the creation, deployment and assessment of digital interactive educational content. It is designed to integrate with existing Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs) and digital library systems.

This is a new project - DSchneider 15:26, 21 July 2006 (MEST). Its main sponsor is TELS hosted at UC Berkeley directed by Marcia C. Linn. TELS includes 7 universities, the Concord Consortium and school districts.

See also: TEL, and/or WISE and Pedagogica as predecessor systems.

2 System and software

  • This is a low level toolkit not suitable for teachers (at least as far as I can tell - DSchneider 15:26, 21 July 2006 (MEST)).

3 Links

  • SAIL Wiki.
  • Encore (Community for Open Resource Exchange based on tribes, resources and collaborations, ie. small private wikis)

4 References