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So-called playstation symbols or "japanese symbols" refer to a common rating symbolism in Japan.

“When Japanese authors are appraising the merits of different objects, they often use geometric symbols like circles and triangles that look as if they were entered using the buttons on a Sony Playstation” ( "Playstation" symbols, retrieved 10:11, 16 July 2010 (UTC)).

1 The symbols

According to The GITS blog (retrieved 10:11, 16 July 2010 (UTC)), a four point rating scale includes

symbol pronunciation meaning
nijuu maru excellent, brilliant (also called bullseye, it represents the ideal condition)
maru satisfactory, pretty good effort, also replaces the western "tick"
sankaku average, (also "in progress" in a planning context)
× batsu bad, poor, no good

On a three point scale:

symbol pronunciation meaning
maru good, also replaces the western "tick"
sankaku average
× batsu no good

Sometimes a five point scale is used adding a double cross XX, meaning very bad or severe problem.

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