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1 Introduction

Informatics literacy is different from digital literacy. It is also different from IT literacy that puts more emphasis on applying computer science and design principles.

“A joint working group by Informatics Europe and ACM Europe produced in April 2013 a landmark report on Informatics Education in Europe: "Europe cannot afford to miss the boat". As Michael Gove, the UK Education Secretary, declared on 11 January 2012: "Imagine the dramatic change which could be possible in just a few years... Instead of children bored out of their minds being taught how to use Word and Excel by bored teachers, we could have 11-year-olds able to write simple 2D computer animations… By 16, they could have an understanding of formal logic previously covered only in university courses and be writing their own apps for smartphones."” (Joint Informatics Europe-ACM Europe Report on Informatics Education in Schools, 2013, retrieved Jan 2015.

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