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1 Definition

In education, a grade (or mark) is a teacher's standardized evaluation of a student's work.

In some countries, evaluations can be expressed quantifiably, and calculated into a numeric grade point average (GPA). A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the mean GPA from all semesters, whereas GPA may only refer to a single semester (Wikipedia)

2 Grading systems

See Grade (education) (Wikipedia). A good overview of various national grading scales.

3 Evaluation grids

This topic is almost totally missing from this wiki. But we should have some more information, in particular models to evaluate technology-supported open-ended work ...

See for the moment Wikipedia's Educational assessment and evaluation category (more than 100 articles).

In this wiki:

4 Grade inflation

Grade inflation is an issue in U.S. education and in GCSEs and A levels in England and Wales. The term refers to the phenomenon of increasing academic grades over time. (Wikipedia, retrieved 18:13, 1 November 2007 (MET).)

It's also an issue here to some extent ...

5 Software

See Gradebook

6 Links

6.1 General

6.2 Grade inflation

7 Bibliography

On grade inflation
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