Cultural competence/Self-efficacy scale for adolescents

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Self-efficacy scale for adolescents (CSE-A) was developed by Briones et al. (2009) [1]

The instrument includes 25 items (numbers correspond to the initial 50 items)

In the situations posed below, mark to what extent you feel capable of carrying them out using the options given

1                         2                   3                  4                     5
Can not do at all                    Moderately can do                           Certain can do

Speaking to people from a different culture, I can. . .

1.- Realize what I know about that culture.

2.- Use the information I have on that culture to understand people from that culture.

5.- Understand what I am being told.

6.- Make myself understood when speaking to people from a different culture.

7.- Maintain a conversation when most of the people are from a different culture.

If I lived in a different culture, I would be able to. . .

16.- Make new friends.

20.- Ask information on terms related to that culture.

21.- Mix with classmates from a different culture form mine.

24.- Take part in social activities of the people of that culture.

25.- Create topics of conversation with people from that culture.

26.- Enjoy the activities of the people of that culture.

29.- Overcome homesickness.

30.- Overcome nostalgia for my friends.

31.- Overcome nostalgia for my family.

32.- Overcome loneliness.

34.- Work in groups of boys from different countries.

35.- Work in groups of girls from different countries.

Approaching a different culture, I can. . .

37.- Understand other religious beliefs.

38.- Understand another type of family different from mine.

39.- Understand how couples relate in a different culture.

40.- Understand the art of a different culture.

41.- Understand the music of a different culture.

43.- Speak a language different from mine.

44.- Learn a language different from mine.

45.- Understand a language different from mine.


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