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The Cross-Cultural Orientation Inventory (CCOI) measures the cross cultural orientation of a person, defined by Mittal [1] as “the readiness of a person to interact with, and form a sustainable relationship with a person from a different culture [...] CCO is conceptualized as having two dimensions; cognitive – which refers to the awareness and knowledge about other cultures, and affective – which captures the attitudinal orientation towards other cultures.”.

APPENDIX CROSS-CULTURAL ORIENTATION INVENTORY (CCOI) A scale to measure cross-cultural orientation of a person

(Attitude dimension)
1. I am happy to interact with people from different cultures
2. I feel I should make friends with people from diverse cultures
3. I think my beliefs and attitudes are shaped by my culture
4. I should know about other cultures to be fair to people from different cultures
(Awareness dimension)
5. I know the cultural values and beliefs of other culture (s)
6. I know about body language practices of cultures other than mine
7. I am open-minded to people from other cultures
8. People from some cultures avoid eye contact while talking.

Response items: A Likert-type 5-point scale; strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree


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