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EduTechWiki is about Educational Technology and related fields. It was founded in February 2006 and it is hosted and managed by TECFA, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Geneva. This is the ZIM/Kiwix entry page, it replaces the normal Main Page.

EduTechWiki is a resource kit for educational technology teaching and research, e.g. a note taking tool for researchers; a literature review tool or a writing-to-learn environment for students. It also includes tutorials that may be used in classes around the world or for self-learning. Many articles also can be useful to teachers, instructional designers, e-learning consultants as well as various other digital technologists.

Students of TECFA's Master degree in educational technology mostly contribute to the french version.

Educational technology

Educational technology, sometimes shortened to EdTech or EduTech, is a wide field. Therefore, one can find many definitions, some of which are conflicting. Educational technology as an academic field can be considered either as a design science or as a collection of different research interests addressing fundamental issues of learning, teaching and social organization. Educational technology as practice refers to any form of teaching and learning that makes use of technology. Nevertheless, there are a few features on which most researchers and practitioners might agree: i) Use of technology is principled, ii) Technology means the systematic application of scientific knowledge to practical tasks. Therefore, educational technology is based on theoretical knowledge drawn from different disciplines (communication, education, psychology, sociology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, computer science, etc.) plus experiential knowledge drawn from educational practice. Educational technology aims to improve education. Technology should facilitate learning processes and increase the performance of the educational system(s) regarding effectiveness and/or efficiency.

Other names for the field are instructional technology, educational communications and technology, learning technology, technology-enhanced learning, digital learning, media didactics, edtech.

We can distinguish several types of educational technologies, e.g. presentation tools (e.g. tutorials or hypermedia), information tools, interactive tools (e.g. drills, simulations, tests and games), cognitive and professional tools, communication tools, learning environments (e.g. learning management systems, classroom systems or MOOC platforms) .

Overview articles and main categories

This wiki includes some overview articles, for example:

It includes tutorials and portals - i.e. series of articles - on various topics, e.g. Educational technology, Essential reading, Educational technologies, Learning theory, Pedagogic strategy, Instructional design, Instructional design model, Project-oriented learning, Educational design language, E-learning, Machine embroidery, Instructional design method, Standard, Web technology and web design tutorials.

Most articles in this wiki are tagged with one or several categories. As of March 2020, categories cannot be displayed, but this feature will be implemented in the future.

As of March 2020, navigation by categories does not yet work. Please use the search function. It will search within page titles (not contents).