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This entry needs to be updated for version 2 - Daniel K. Schneider 14:56, 16 November 2011 (CET).


Axon BfB is a free frontend for Skeinforge made by Bits from Bytes.

Main operations are fairly simple:

In the main tab

  • Open the STL file
  • Select your printer in the Type pulldown menu, e.g. RapMan single
  • Select the plastic in the Profile pulldown menu, e.g. ABS, ABS/PLA or PLA
  • Click on Build (wait ... this can last several minutes)
  • Go back to the main tab and click on Download to SD card (save with a *.bfb extension and a file name no longer than 8 chars!)

Here are two screen shots:

BfB Axon 1.11 main tab (showing a a clip to hold an i-phone)
BfB Axon 1.11 reports tab

To modify the settings, click on Advance and read the Skeinforge for RapMan article ...


Much easier to learn than skeinforge and no rather difficult calibration process like with Netfabb.

Thing that didn't go well with the default parameters:

  • Raft size for small PLA objects (margins too small, raft not fat enough)
  • Bottom value for z (a bit too big, i.e. the print bed is too far down)



Take the BfB Axon Manual and the Bfb Axon software package.

  • Version 1.11 (downloaded Jan 3 2011) included a zip file with a single installer file for Axon, Skeinforge (and older version) and Python 2.65.
  • As of 2011, there is also (a probably better) Beta version (not yet tested)