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This entry needs to be updated for version 2 - Daniel K. Schneider 14:56, 16 November 2011 (CET).

1 Introduction

Axon BfB is a free frontend for Skeinforge made by Bits from Bytes.

Main operations are fairly simple:

In the main tab

  • Open the STL file
  • Select your printer in the Type pulldown menu, e.g. RapMan single
  • Select the plastic in the Profile pulldown menu, e.g. ABS, ABS/PLA or PLA
  • Click on Build (wait ... this can last several minutes)
  • Go back to the main tab and click on Download to SD card (save with a *.bfb extension and a file name no longer than 8 chars!)

Here are two screen shots:

BfB Axon 1.11 main tab (showing a a clip to hold an i-phone)
BfB Axon 1.11 reports tab

To modify the settings, click on Advance and read the Skeinforge for RapMan article ...

2 Discussion

Much easier to learn than skeinforge and no rather difficult calibration process like with Netfabb.

Thing that didn't go well with the default parameters:

  • Raft size for small PLA objects (margins too small, raft not fat enough)
  • Bottom value for z (a bit too big, i.e. the print bed is too far down)

3 Links

3.1 Download

Take the BfB Axon Manual and the Bfb Axon software package.

  • Version 1.11 (downloaded Jan 3 2011) included a zip file with a single installer file for Axon, Skeinforge (and older version) and Python 2.65.
  • As of 2011, there is also (a probably better) Beta version (not yet tested)