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Tom Erickson Home Page IBM Social Computing Group Papers


  • Thomas Erickson and Mark R. Laff, The Design of the 'Babble' Timeline: A Social Proxy for Visualizing Group Activity over Time. IBM T. J. Watson Research Center HMTL
  • Bradner, E., Kellogg, W. A. and Erickson, T. "Babble: Supporting Conversation in the Workplace" [Paper for the CSCW 98 Workshop "Designing Virtual Communities for Work"], Fall 1998. SIGGROUP Bulletin, Vol. 19, No. 3, December, 1998, pp 8-9. ACM Press. HTML
  • Erin Bradner, Wendy A. Kellogg and T. Erickson, The Adoption and Use of 'Babble': A Field Study of Chat in the Workplace, HTML preprint for The Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (ECSCW), September, 1999.
  • Erickson, T., Smith, D. N., Kellogg, W. A., Laff, M. R., Richards, J. T., and Bradner, E. "Socially Translucent Systems: Social Proxies, Persistent Conversation, and the Design of 'Babble.'" In Human Factors in Computing Systems: The Proceedings of CHI '99. ACM Press, 1999. HTML.
  • Thomas Erickson and Wendy A. Kellogg, Knowledge Communities: Online Environments for Supporting Knowledge Management and its Social Context, Sharing Expertise: Beyond Knowledge Management IN Ackerman, Mark, Volkmar Pipek, and Volker Wulf (eds.) Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 2003, pp. 299-326HTML preprint - PDF Preprint.