7e Learning cycle

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The 7e Learning cycle is an expansion of the 5e Learning cycle.

Comparison of the 5e and 7e learning cycles
5e Learning cycle 7e Learning cycle
engage elicit


explore explore
explain explain
elaborate/extend elaborate
evaluate evaluate

The model differs from the 5e Learning cycle in two ways. The engage element is expanded into elicit and engage. This places a greater emphasis on prior experience and eliciting tacit knowledge that can be used as a foundation for the learning to come.

Elaborate and evaluate are expanded into elaborate, evaluate and extend. This mostly aims to differentiate between the 2 types of 'elaboration' possible in the 5e model. The elaboration phase of the 7e Learning cycle is limited to elaborating on the current situation (e.g. introducing/changing parameters), while the post-evaluation extend phase involves transfering newly acquired skills and knowledge to new situations within the domain.