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This page was just a test for the now dead Word2MediaWikiPlus macro from beadsoft.de. Source code is still available from sourceforge. As of May 2020, the last revision was made in 2007-02-27, i.e. this should still work.

- 13:53, 5 May 2020 (CEST)

Demo-Document for the macro: Word2MediaWiki Plus

For Version 0.6d, Nov. 11, 2006

About this macro

Download this demo document including an installer here.

If you do have problems or ideas, do not hesitate to contact me: Word2MediaWikiPlus@beadsoft.de

To convert this document start the macro: Word2MediaWikiPlus or press this button:

< MediaWiki2WordPlus Converter found a non convertable object. >

No macro available? Check your safety settings in word and set it to "medium" (you find it in the macro menu under safety or similar, in german: Extras – Makro – Sicherheit).

What we can do:

Text formatting

This is colored text.

This is bold, italic, underlined, strike through and combined.

If you set convertFontSize=true then you get

Text in big letters.
Text in small letters.

But we consider only smaller than normal and bigger than normal, not its actual size.

You may have noticed the indention, too.

The macro recognizes manual line breaks
and puts a <br> into it.

But it will not

recognize single line breaks, as the Wiki-style will make a blank line in between.

Empty spacings in the beginning will be deleted, as they mean manual indention, which in my opinion should not be used.

We can make footnotes[1], too (needs cite extension).


This is a complex table:

Heading Heading Heading Heading
Text 1 Text2   Text4
Background colors Background colors Background colors  
left centered and colors

and some blank

right justified text is not supported by MediaWiki. I need to write a litte more in this cell so there is enough text to see the effects of justification
Merged cells
Horizontally merged Merging has limitations!
Merged cells
vertically 1
Vertically merged nested tables:
merged and right

with text above and below

Merging has limitations!
Merged cells
vertically 2


We can make simple lists

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

We can make simple numbered lists

1. List Item 1

2. List Item 2

3. List Item 3


Http-Links are easy to do: Link to MediaWiki Handbook and to the Word2MediaWikiPlus Hompage.

Here is a mail address: Word2MediaWikiPlus@beadsoft.de or like this mail me. If it does not work in your wiki, change you LocalSettings.php to accept mailto-references.

And a file reference, which will not work, unless you put it [file://C:\Temp\Word2MediaWiki_Demo_and_Macro.doc there]
(c:\temp\Word2MediaWiki_Demo_and_Macro.doc). The file name must not contain spaces.

File inclusion

There a number of ways to include a file within the document, these two are supported (they will just make a wiki-link, so you need to convert the contents separatly and put in the new article page):

1. As a reference:
File:Icon Word2MediaWikiPlus Demo 01.png

Word2MediaWikiPlus_Demo_Word Document 8 Object

2. As a file:
File:Icon Word2MediaWikiPlus Demo 02.png

Word2MediaWikiPlus_Demo_Word Document 8 Object

This of course can not be converted, so the macro just adds a link and the symbol as picture, which needs to be replaced later.


This part of the macro will not work unless you (yes: you) customized it correctly!

The macro can convert pictures. It uses the MS Photo Editor. If you do not have it installed, you need to install it. You find it on your office CD. Run the installation routine an choose MS Photo Editor.

Included pictures are easy, but you need to customize the macro first.

  • The picture will be extracted as png (Portable Networks Graphics).
  • Optional: The pictures can be converted to png (use for screenshots), jpg (use for photos) or gif.
  • Optional: if you can program, you may use your own converter, look in the code.
  • Optional: The converted pictures can be automatically uploaded to your wiki.
  • since both optional features use sendkeys, they might not work in your environment and must be customized


Word2MediaWikiPlus Demo 01.png

Sitting above the text:

Word2MediaWikiPlus Demo 02.png

More text below.

To Do: What the macro can not convert:

Text formatting

Colored text like this text. I think there is no way in html either.

Text which is indented (do you say so, meaning eingerückt in german)

And continues like this.

This is how it would work

Text which is indented (do you say so, meaning eingerückt in german)
And continues like this.

Different font types (names) are not converted.

Font spacing is not converted.


Table features:

What we can’t do yet   text orientation
(turned sideways)
not full width of table and table position
exact width of cells      


Some pictures, e.g. powerpoint slides, can not be extracted.

If you use Word 2002 or above the results will be better.


We can make nested lists (Word 2000 is difficult here, too)

1. List Item 1

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

2. List Item 2

1. or like this

2. fsfsf

3. sfsd

3. List Item 3

We can not do lists with blank lines, but we can do them by inserting the numbers "manually":

1. Special list

2. Second Item
With something to say.
Leave some blank.

3. Continue the list here

  • maybe put some items here
  • and more

4. End of list

  1. This is the text of the footnote.