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Alain Senteni is a professor at University of Mauritius and the Director of the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies (VCILT) and the Chairman of the Lifelong Learning Cluster (LLC).

Since 2001, he is a member of several ministerial committees for the integration of ICTs in education in Mauritius. He represents Mauritius at the IFIP Technical Committee on Education (IFIP TC3) and is also a member of the executive board of the IEEE Learning Technologies Task Force (IEEE-LTTF).

Alain Senteni received an engineering degree, a Ph.D. & H.D.R. (enabling to conduct research) in Computer Science, from the National Polytechnics Institute (INPT) in Toulouse (France). His interest in technology enhanced education dates back to the 70’s, in the Logo community, and later as a professor of educational technologies at the Faculty of Education of the University of Montreal (Canada).

His current work regards the integration of ICTs in educational systems of developing countries, with an emphasis on intervention strategies, capacity building and ICT-based development.

He is the initiator and the programme chair of the International Conference on Open and Online Learning (ICOOL) held in Mauritius in 2003, in Stellenbosch (RSA) in 2005 and in Penang (Malaysia) in 2007. Alain Senteni is a co-chair of the education commission of the World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR).

Added by DKS: Alain is a friend of Daniel K. Schneider and we share some visions on educational technology, its dissemination and design methodology.