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This template allows to include blog entries from a wikilog (bliki). It will list all items that you could include with a "Wikilog template".

Sytax of use
_blogname_ = Name of your Blog, e.g. DKS
_Wikilogtemplate_ = Name of the template, e.g. BlikiTitlePageTemplate
5 = number of items to display
Additional hints
You can use the <summary>...</summary> to define what goes into the body of the entry. By default (as of v. 0.7.0) this extension will take all text before a title "==...==" or else the full text.
In my Wiki (MW 1.14), using this template after titles will include extra gibberish in the rendering of titles and the TOC. So use it before or use HTML tags. (this seems to be a little bug)
Install this template for testing :)

The template "includeonly" code has been defined as follows (look at the source):

	<li>'class' = {{{class}}}</li>
	<li>'wikilogTitle' = {{{wikilogTitle}}}</li> 
	<li>'wikilogPage' = {{{wikilogPage}}}</li>  
	<li>'title' = {{{title}}}</li>
	<li>'page' = {{{page}}}</li>
	<li>'authors' = {{{authors}}}</li>
	<li>'tags' = {{{tags}}}</li>
	<li>'published' = {{{published}}}</li>
	<li>'pubdate' = {{{pubdate}}}</li>
	<li>'updated' = {{{updated}}}</li>
	<li>'summary' = {{{summary}}}</li>
	<li>'comments' = {{{comments}}}</li>
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