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This article or section is currently under construction

In principle, someone is working on it and there should be a better version in a not so distant future.
If you want to modify this page, please discuss it with the person working on it (see the "history")

  • This is the template used to put a banner in front of an article to identify it as a under construction, i.e. an author signals that he currently is working on it. The article will also be part of the Category:Under construction.
  • Please do not edit this template, unless you know what you do and you have a good idea on how templates work.

Usage for authors

You can get this banner by inserting the following template in your article (usually at the beginning):

  • {{Under construction}}

This will also insert your article in the under construction category. See also the Template:Stub and the Template:Incomplete which define different sorts of unfinished articles.

Rendering in an article

This is how the banner will appear in an article: