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I maybe should make a list of research questions and then see with what approach they are dealt with ...

Examples of some research questions

  • Foundations of the field (or of sub-fields)
  • Evaluation and effects of a design
    • Pedagogical effectiveness
    • Learner time
    • Learning outcomes
    • Student perceptions (various variables)
    • Interaction with learner style
    • Teaching time (increased/decreased)
  • Discussion and argumentation
    • Quality of discussion (classroom vs. on-line or various tools compared)
    • Effect of teacher presence
    • Various tutoring roles and models
  • Multimedia presentation and animation effects and human information processing
  • Media effect
    • The 'No Significant Difference' phenomenon: A structural analysis of research on technology enhanced instruction. (Nettles et al. 2000, Johnson et al, 2000).
    • The big media debate