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I am trying to make sense of all of this. Wenger talks of a social learning system and communities of practice being a part of them.

Riel and Polin talk of learning communities, distinguishing 3 types, practice-based communities (= Wenger's CoP, no?), task-based communities, and knowledge/building communities. (haven't read the details from the real source)

Arias and Fischer talk of communities of interest, where 2 CoPs come together to solve a problem of interest to both. (sounds like a task-based community, to me.

I am trying to find a way to organize all this. So far it all seems to be branching out from the Community of practice page, but I think this all falls under 'learning communities' or some such heading.

Not to mention that there is no category yet assigned to this page. Pedagogic strategies? Instructional theories? Both?

Any thoughts out there?

i'll add it

I think I will just make a 'social learning systems' overview page and develop these distinctions further.