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The TECFA SEED Catalog was originally designed by TECFA for the SEED project and aims at supporting teachers in classes and virtual communities to design innovative activity-based educational scenarios and make the most of supporting portal technology.

Part 1 - C3MS project-based learning model
Part 2 - Catalog_of_simple_scenarios
Part 3 - Catalog of elementary activities
Part 4 - Catalog of C3MS_bricks

Contents of above articles are somewhat outdated, i.e. made in 2004. But some day we will take it up again - Daniel K. Schneider May 2007/April 2011


Links and references

Only includes pieces produced within the project. See C3MS project-based learning model for other literature.

Conference Papers:

Book chapters:

  • Schneider, Daniel, K. "Learning Together Through Collaborative Portal Sites", in Mario Tokoro and Luc Steels (eds.) The Future of Learning II, Sharing representations and Flow in Collaborative Learning Environments, IOS Press, 2004. Here is an early draft (9/2003) transformed into a working paper: Conception and implementation of rich pedagogical scenarios through collaborative portals sites (316 K e-book quality PDF). The book chapter I produced is much shorter (about 25 pages, and can't be shown here for copyright reasons).
  • Schneider, D. "Gestaltung kollektiver und kooperativer Lernumgebungen" in Euler & Seufert (eds.), E-Learning in Hochschulen und Bildungszentren. Gestaltungshinweise für pädagogische Innovationen, Oldenbourg, (2005). Hier ist eine fast endgültige Version
  • Daniel Schneider & Paraskevi Synteta (2005). Conception and implementation of rich pedagogical scenarios through collaborative portal sites, in Senteni,A. Taurisson,A. Innovative Learning & Knowledge Communities / les communautés virtuelles: apprendre, innover et travailler ensemble", ICOOL 2003 & Colloque de Guéret 2003 selected papers, a University of Mauritius publication, under the auspices of the UNESCO, ISBN-99903-73-19-1. Note: This is the only text in correct English, but it's shorter than some electronically published conference papers ...