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This survey was presented in:

  • Sang V.N., Van N.T. (2016) Student Perception of Using Project-Based Learning (PjBL): A Case Study in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In: Fook C., Sidhu G., Narasuman S., Fong L., Abdul Rahman S. (eds) 7th International Conference on University Learning and Teaching (InCULT 2014) Proceedings. Springer, Singapore,

List of items

A five point scale was used: 1 strongly disagree, 2 disagree, 3 neutral, 4 agree, 5 strongly agree

general positives of Project-based learning

I think i get to know more about the real world when learning using the Project-based learning

I think i will learn more using project-based learning compared to listening to lectures

I think learning through project-based learning is very beneficial

I think learning through the project-based learning is enjoyable

teamwork from project-based learning

I learned how to listen actively to my group members

I learned how to ask and respond appropriately among group members.

Learned how to be assertive when exchanging ideas with group members.

I learned that good team-work contributes to a successful outcome of the project

project management from project-based learning

I am confident to give suggestions freely among group members

I learned how to brainstorm and forward ideas appropriately with group members

I understand and able to gather information for the project

learned how to identify the relevant ideas from reading materials regarding project work

communication skills from project-based learning

I learned to write e-mails related to workplace settings

I responded well to e-mails I received related to the project assigned

I become familiar with the writing format and style of workplace e-mails

I learned to organize ideas in preparing and writing the executive summary

I learned how to write reports based on the findings

interpersonal skills from project-based learning

I became more perceptive and sensitive to the needs of others during group work

I learned to work successfully with students from different social and cultural groups

I learned to use formal and informal language in the appropriate context of discourse

I improved my social skills by meeting and talking to employers and workers of an organization

I learned how to interrupt appropriately during interactions