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Warning: Needs to be reorganized, so far it's a cut/paste from the Semantic Forms article .....

This page lists special pages for the Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extensions and extensions that work with SMW, such as Semantic Forms.

Semantic Formas and SMW include a few special pages that allow to define semantic "elements" without hand coding. They also allow to add forms to pages, make queries, etc.

List and search

List all properties (defined and undefined as well used and unused)
From there you then can browse through each property or data type.
List all unused properties (defined and undefined). In principle properties that show up should be deleted since they are in no use at all.
List all used properties that do not have a descriptive page.
Lists all data types that can be assigned to properties
Enter property and an optional value
Special: Allpages
By selecting a namespace (e.g. Form or Property) you can list pages about properties, categories, types, forms. This also can be useful for finding unused and garbled ones ...
Semantic search form. You should enter at least one information, i.e. which page to select. Optionally, what information to display about these pages. Read more in Semantic Search
Example: Simple query that will find all pages that include a "Has URL" property with value "":
[[Has URL::]]
Results are displayed in various ways. By default they are appended to the bottom of the same page.
Example: Simple query finding all instances of a Category
[[Category: Software information]]
Displays either all values a page has for a property or all values for a property on all pages. Users either enter a page and a property name or a property name.
requires Semantic Forms
Allows to to link to a special query page using a form. Query forms have the same syntax as editing forms.
Ugly Example: Special:RunQuery/Software information (using a form made for editing)
requires Semantic Forms
Lists all forms
requires Semantic Forms
Lists all templates
requires Semantic Drilldown
Browse data with categories

Defining new classes, categories, forms, templates and properties

Creates a new property and its type. By default a property is of type "page", i.e. the property value will refer to a wiki page. Each property should be defined with a page in the Properties Namespace. E.g. Property:Was_last_edited
requires Semantic Forms
Allows to enter all the data to create properties, a template, a form and a category for a single class. For more options, use the pages Create a property, Create a template, Create a form and Create a category instead (see below).
requires Semantic Forms
Creates a new category and associates a default form with this category. Categories are the same as normal MediaWiki categories, but will have an associated form.
requires Semantic Forms
Creates a new form and an associated template. Therefore the template should be defined first.
requires Semantic Forms
Creates new user input templates, i.e. a list of input fields. You can enter field names, display label and the associated semantic property (the latter from a pulldown list of all properties)

Using forms

requires Semantic Forms
Does not work as such, i.e. you must specifiy a form name and a target page in the URL
Examples: or using Semantic forms syntax: Special:FormEdit/Software information/Some software
requires Semantic Forms
Allows to add a form to a page and then allows to edit the page.