Semantic Forms URL demo test

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Template parameter name Property data type form input type Result
f_URL_link_text string default Semantic Forms
f_URL URL Default Forms
f_URL_free_string string default
f_URL_string_URL_input string regexp this is not true content, the regexp does not seem to work, have to figure out why :(
f_Wiki_formatted_link string default [[Has URL in wiki format::Semantic Forms]]

Location/link text combinations (good, bad and ugly ...)

Source Result Works
[{{{f_URL_free_string|}}} {{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]
Semantic Forms ok, no semantics
[{{{f_URL_string_URL_input|}}} {{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]
Semantic Forms ok, no semantics
[{{{f_URL|}}} {{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]
Semantic Forms ok, no semantics
{{{f_URL|web page}}} not ok, no semantics
[[Has URL::{{{f_URL|web page}}}]] Forms not ok, no semantics
[[Has URL::{{{f_URL|}}}|web page]]
web page ok, one missing property
[[Has URL::{{{f_URL|}}}| {{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]]
Semantic Forms ok, but one missing property
[[[Has URL::{{{f_URL|}}}]] [[Has URL link text::{{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]]]
"[Has URL" contains a listed "[" character as part of the property label and has therefore been classified as invalid. Semantic Forms] bad
[[Has URL::{{{f_URL|}}}| {{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]] <span style="display:none">[[Has URL link text::{{{f_URL_link_text|}}}]] </span>
Semantic Forms Semantic Forms ok, but relies on CSS
{{#set:Has URL={{{f_URL|}}} }}
{{#set:Has URL link text={{{f_URL_link_text|}}} }}
[{{{f_URL}}} {{{f_URL_link_text}}}]

Semantic Forms

best solution (thanx to Yaron Koren)

This is an instance of the "Semantic Forms URL demo" form. It attempts to deal with external URLs. ...

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