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Upgraded EduTechWiki to [ Mediawiki 1.17] and also upgraded most extensions. As usual, the upgrade was easy and flawless. In addition, I decided to explore [[Semantic MediaWiki]] and in particular its [[Semantic Forms]] extension. Right now, I don't know what I shall do with them nor do I yet understand any technical details. Keep tuned, I may use these extension for representing some types of information (e.g. about educational design systems). I also see great potential for implementing learning scenarios, e.g. we could use Mediawikis instead of other portalware like Drupal to implement forms-based student writing scenarios.  +
The semantic forms extension is very complex and requires a bit of technical background in both knowledge representation and markup languages. However, a few special pages can help with creation of various items needed to define a form and the underlying semantic data structures.  +