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According to [ Pierce & Fung] (2013), The goal of this project is to generate a large number of video vignettes meant to visually demonstrate specific verbs. The project called for 48 verbs to be demonstrated,each in 10 different exemplars. Each exemplar was filmed with 16 different setting variations, consisting of different backgrounds, camera angle, time of day,etc. This produces a total of 7680 vignettes. The vignettes are to be data points provided to system design teams as part of a larger research and development project This project included 6 variants (sub-projects) described in the [ Pierce & Fung, 2013] report.  +
This is a demo project that shows potential of the pyBossa platform.  +
A platform that allows organizations or individuals to outsource simple tasks (identification, writing, tagging, etc.) to individuals. While Amazon turk has been primarily designed for industry, it also is used in research, for example in citizen science platforms.  +
Star clusters are collections of hundreds to millions of stars that were born at the same time from the same cloud of gas. This shared origin makes star clusters unique tools for understanding how stars form and evolve. Additionally, they are useful for studying the major chapters in the history of galaxies. But before Andromeda's star clusters can unlock these secrets, we need the help of Citizen Scientists to find the clusters. Not just the big bright ones, but the small faint ones as well. This is the goal of the Andromeda Project.  +
This project serves several communities. * Scientists: use BOINC to create a volunteer computing project giving you the computing power of thousands of CPUs. * Universities: use BOINC to create a Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center. * Companies: use BOINC for desktop Grid computing.  +, Use the idle time on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It's safe, secure, and easy:  +
See the description of the [[BOINC]] infrastructure.  +
Mapping out bat ‘hotspots’ by using recordings and classifying the sounds they make for echolocation and social purposes.  +
We are a network of people across the United States who monitor plants as the seasons change. We are a national field campaign designed to engage the public in the collection of important ecological data based on the timing of leafing, flowering, and fruiting of plants (plant phenophases). Project BudBurst participants make careful observations of these plant phenophases. The data are being collected in a consistent manner across the country so that scientists can use the data to learn more about the responsiveness of individual plant species to changes in climate locally, regionally, and nationally. Thousands of people from all 50 states have participated. Project BudBurst began in 2007 in response to requests from people like you who wanted to make a meaningful contribution to understanding changes in our environment.  +
The overall Citizen Cyberlab project will research and evaluate on-line collaborative environments and software tools that stimulate creative learning in the context of Citizen Cyberscience. The purpose of the CS4CS project is to contribute to the the "general picture", i.e. understand certain aspects of citizen science by looking at a larger set of documented projects. The CS4CS sub-project aims in particular: * To create an inventory of citizen science projects, infrastructure and software * To identify properties of interest to learning, creativity, motivation and community researchers * To provide a searchable database and some summary statistics  +
The project assesses the value of green spaces for birds, ranging in size from a potted plant to half a basketball court.  +
This project is a first of its kind for Cancer Research UK. It will change the face of cancer research. We’re fighting for a world where no one’s life will be cut short by cancer . . . and there is real hope. Each year, our scientists get closer to finding cures for cancers – whether through targeted treatments or earlier detection. We are on the brink of major breakthroughs and by simply giving a few minutes of your time you will become part of a collaborative collective force that will to dramatically reduce the time needed to analyse our research data.  +
According to authors, the website is based upon two goals: *Help biologists and ecologists with scientific classification tasks. *Help information scientists and human-computer interaction researchers evaluate the role of motivation in citizen science.  +
There is no purpose  +
Tools are tailor made for various purposes  +
Tag a large collection of images with keywords in order to find out if participants can help create more accurate image searching and accessibility for visually impaired users.  +
Search for evidence from LIGO detectors of continuous gravitational wave sources from rapidly spinning non-axisymmetric neutron stars, and radio telescope data searching for radio pulsars.  +
The fundamental purpose of Eterna is to provide a better understanding of RNA. EteRNA researchers hope to determine a "complete and repeatable set of rules to allow the synthesis of RNAs that consistently fold in expected shapes.[]  +
Quote: Enthusiasm for science and the desire to share wonder, excitement and relevance of science to everyday life drives our outreach programme. Our aim is to ignite an interest in science in people who have been bored or turned off by the subject in the past. We are fortunate to have a range of staff who are not only scientists, but gifted communicators as well. They provide lecture demonstrations at science fairs and festivals and also contribute to events hosted by primary schools and amateur societies. [ Projects page] at Open University.  +
Develop a system of participatory monitoring for forest management – specifically the social impact of logging. In a more global perspective, the goal is to let communities build so-called Community Memories: evolving, shared representations of the state of their environment, their relationship with it, and any threats it faces.  +