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Paper has become a hugely underestimated tool in standard education (classroom teaching). In other areas like adult education or software design it is more valued.

The advantage of paper is that it usually works (unlike computers). Disadvantage is that it has (as a medium) limited rewriting/reorganization capacity. But use of paper can be combined with electronic formats.

1 Forms of paper tools

  • Books, e.g. textbooks
  • Handouts
  • Flash cards
  • Various cards (concepts, bibliography, etc.)
Activity tools
  • Worksheets of various sorts, e.g. fill-in tables
  • Games
Collaboration and design tools
  • Flip chart
  • Post-its to stick on paper
  • Post-its to stick on a wall
Rewriteable paper
  • Plastic sheets (e.g. used with overhead projectors)
  • Whiteboards
  • Project rooms

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