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1 Purpose

Below you will find a selected list of links that will help you keep in touch with news about educational technology and related fields. Most of these have RSS feeds. This wiki has a very different role than most weblogs. Web logs most often promote new ideas and new technology or inform you about latest research. Here, we try to pull things together, but once in while we spend a week going through all the blogs to check if something really hot is missing.

This list is not really complete, but most links should help you keeping in touch - Daniel K. Schneider 13:09, 7 July 2008 (UTC).

2 e-learning and educational technology blogs

Here is a short list of some interesting blogs. Consult the blog rolls of each blog (list of links to other blogs) to find more blogs. Again, this is not a representative list. It includes different kinds of authors and each blog has its own "personality". You choose !

  • EdTechDev. Doug Holton's blog, Utah State University. (formerly at blogspot). Doug Holton is assistant professor with the Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences department at Utah State University.
  • 2¢ Worth. David Warlick's Blog. D.W. is an instructional designer/educational technologist and consultant.
  • Learning to learn. David M. Kennedy's blog. He is a professor at Hong Kong University.
  • E4innovation. Grainne Conole's Blog. She is Professor of e-learning at the Open University.
  • eLearning Technology. Tony Karrer's blog. He is CEO of an eLearning (and other development) company.
  • E-Learning Queen Susan Smith Nash's Blog. She is involved in e-learning and hybrid learning and training at universities, corporations, and not-for-profits.
  • elearnspace. George Siemens, Founder and President of Complexive Systems Inc.
  • SocialTech. Josie Fraser's Blog. She is UK-based consultant for social & educational technologies.
  • Mohamed Amine Chatti's blog on learning management, knowledge management, communities & networks, knowledge ecology, Web 2.0, social software (social media), personal learning environments. He is a PhD student at Aachen.
  • The Ed Techie (formerly here). Martin Weller's Blog. He is a Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University in the UK.
  • D'Arcy Norman's Blog. He is an educational technology developer at the University of Calgary
  • OLDaily Stephen Downs and friend's News letter.
  • Edtechpost. Scott Leslie's blog. He is an educational technology researcher and emerging technology analyst.
  • Learning.Now. At the crossroads of Internet culture & education with Andy Carvin, HiTech consultant.

3 Tweets


See also edutweetups, a directory of higher education tweetups, hashtags, etc.

4 News from larger organizations

5 Social computing, technology and society

  • Tim O'Reilly Radar. He is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, Inc. Produces lots of good technical books.
  • Data unbound. Raymond Yee's blog. He is a data architect, consultant, trainer. Wrote a book about Web 2.0 mashups.
  • Pasta&Vinegar. Nicola Nova's mind/tech bazar from outer space. He is a User Experience researcher at the LIFTlab think tank (and an graduate of TECFA's master in educational technology. (Yes this is an advertisement - DKS).

6 Publications (new articles)

7 Humour

8 Software

9 Links of links