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Microsoft Word 2016 is as difficult to use as prior versions. Critical functions like inserting floating pictures + captions, side headers, page headers, etc. still do not seem to work like I would like them to do (i.e. automatically like in a formatting program).

Style management remains a pain. E.g. There is still no option to define all style options in one go (we do have large screens now), two styles cannot be merged easily (i.e. rename one style into an existing one) as far as I can tell. Finally, there is still style explosion. Why can't Word just wait for someone to explicitly create a style ?

Word options

It seems that my advice to restrict word to update is still valid if you want to avoid being swamped by styles.

Word 2016 advanced options

Fix right to left comments

If you work with people who write right to left, e.g. arabic, then read this in order to fix comments.